A low-viscosity photopolymer resin suitable for top projection LCDs, the formed products can be washed with water or are wash-free, offering easy and environmentally friendly operation. The printed samples have high strength, fine surface, high detail reproduction, and good temperature resistance. After conventional UV post-processing, they can withstand temperatures up to 70°C+, making it suitable for printing fixtures and other products with temperature resistance requirements


  • Good temperature resistance, with a Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT) of up to 70°C.
  • Washable with water, easy to operate, reducing alcohol usage.
  • Excellent surface quality, smooth and delicate.
  • Appearance: White semi-transparent liquid.
  • Viscosity: 60 cps at 30°C.

Material Description

Solvent free resin is ideal for rapid prototyping, assembly part verification, office use, and creating heat-resistant samples.


Material Name :Solvent Free

Energy Density: 3.6 mw/cm2


Layer Thickness:0.1 mm

Support Curing Time: 2 seconds


Single Layer:13.96s/layer

Model Curing Time 2 seconds


50mm Part Printing Efficiency: 1hrs 56mins 22secs

Post-processing: Alcohol (95%) + Ultrasonic Cleaning for 4 minutes

Mechanical Properties

We utilized the Martrix190 3D printer for the printing process, employing Solvent free resin as the material. A total of 20 samples were printed, and the mechanical properties reported herein represent the average values across the sample set.


Tensile Strength: 44 MPa

Impact Strength: 18.7 J/m


Tensile Modulus: 1500 MPa

Shore Hardness: 83 D


Elongation at Break: 6.0%

Heat Deflection Temperature at 0.455 MPa:75.0°C


Bending Strength: 75.0 MPa

Heat Deflection Temperature at 1.82 MPa:60.0°C

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