A specialized elastic model resin for 3D printing with LCD devices. The products printed with this resin are very soft, with good resilience and tear resistance, resembling the characteristics of silicone. It is suitable for printing samples requiring toughness and tensile elasticity, such as coasters, robot grippers.


    • Good toughness, with an elongation at break of over 150%.
    • After simple post-processing, the surface is smooth and dry.
    • Suitable for printing tissue compensation, robot grippers, etc.
    • Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid.
    • Viscosity: 1239 cps at 30°C.

    Material Description

    Rubber resin is suitable for applications in rapid prototyping, assembly part verification, buckle components, and consumer electronic components.


    Material Name :Rubber

    Energy Density: 3.6 mw/cm2


    Layer Thickness:0.05 mm

    Support Curing Time: 8 seconds


    Single Layer:15.7S/layer

    Model Curing Time: 6 seconds


    50mm Part Printing Efficiency: 4hrs 21mins 59secs

    Post-processing: Alcohol (95%) + Ultrasonic Cleaning for 4 minutes

    Mechanical Properties

    We utilized the Martrix190 3D printer for the printing process, employing rubber resin as the material. A total of 28 samples were printed, and the mechanical properties reported herein represent the average values across the sample set.


    Tensile Strength: 7.7 MPa


    Tensile Modulus: 435 MP


    Elongation at Break: 154%


    Shore Hardness: 75 A

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