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The Martrix series represents professional-grade desktop 3D printers.

Martrix520 features a build volume of up to  298 × 165 × 320 mm. It uses hot air heating to address resin performance issues in winter, and offers remote control and monitoring, air filtration, power calibration, door detection, and easy replacement of light sources and screens for efficient and safe operation.

  • Large Build Volume. Up to 298 × 165 × 320 mm.
  • High Precision. Easily achieve 0.15mm detail, and accuracy is comparable to 3D printing DLP technology.
  • High Efficiency. Printing speed up to 50mm/h, forming a volume of one surface at a time.
  • Low Usage Cost. Light source, screen, release film with long life & low replacement cost.


Professional Preprocessing Software

Technical Index: Z-axis compensation, spot compensation, automatic repair, automatic support generation, automatic placement, and automatic print queue management.

Martrix ONE Controlling Software

Martrix ONE is a free-download, one-click tool for the users of Martrix, which simplififies the printing process, it making it easy to use your 3D printers.

AHEC Surface Exposure Technology

AHEC is an adjustable high energy density printing technology that combines LED modules, screens, heat sinks, and UnionTech's extensive experience in software algorithmic control within the industrial sector.

High Light Intensity Consistency

Optical Uniformity over 90% and High Parallel UV within 2°C of Collimation. It's Ensures consistent print size. The optical uniformity of similar products has been measured to be 50%-75%.

Screen Lifespan Reach 5000 Hours

Martrix Series have a lifespan of 5000 hours, while similar products only have a lifespan of 1000 hours, greatly reducing the need for screen replacement and saving on maintenance costs.

OTA Upgrades

Martrix can support over-the -air updates to its operation system, Martrix ONE software, and open material platform. This results in reduced warranty costs and lower downtime for customers.

Achieve Excellent Surface Quality

With mSLA surface exposure technology, Martrix can achieve excellent surface quality and easily achieve high-precision printing with a layer thickness of 0.15mm. The printing efficiency can reach up to 50mm/h.

Self-developed High-tech Engine

  • Built-in professional Martrix ONE software
  • Exclusive AI intelligent monitoring technology
  • Remote data transmission and printing control on a computer

Material Variety

Adaptable to many industry-leading functional materials, suitable for various applications, including functional prototype design, fixtures, industrial components, end-use parts, consumer electronics, jewelry, etc.

Printing Service Management

3D printing service are clusters of printers for large-scale production. Martrix ONE organizes equipment and resources into teams for different projects.


Build Volume:

298 × 165 × 320 mm

11.73 x 6.50 x 12.60 in

Exposure Screen: 13.6" Monochrome 7k LCD

Pixel Size:

65 μm

Software: Martrix ONE

Z-Axis Precision:

0.01 mm

Resolution: 6480 × 3600

Printing Speed:

90 mm/h

Control Panel: 7'' LCD Touch Screen

Layer Thickness:

0.025-0.15 mm

Data Input: Wi-Fi, USB

Light Output intensity - LCD screen:

6.0 mW/cm²

Quick Set-up: With factory calibration, simple setup and installation are possible.

Large Format

298 × 165 × 320 mm

The Martrix is not only equipped with a large-format, but it can also easily achieve 0.05mm details with accuracy comparable to DLP technology used in 3D printing.

The Martrix Series Workflow in Two Minutes

Perfect for Office Using

Air Filtration | Silent Printing | Intelligent Temperature Control | Water-washable Materials Adaptation
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