Martrix ONE

All-In-One Solution: Design, Pre-processing, Manufacturing, and Product Management.

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Simplify Your Creative Process

Flexible Start Options

The Matrix One provides flexibility in starting your printing projects with support for both 3D standard format (STL) and 2D standard format (CLI, SLC) inputs. This allows you to import files and start printing with ease.

B/S Software Architecture

The Martrix One is built with a client-server architecture that allows for the deployment of a server in a local network, enabling multiple computers to work together through the BS framework. This makes collaboration on projects seamless and efficient.

Remote Control

With Matrix One, remote control is made easy with features such as remote file transfer, monitoring of printing device status, and remote start or pause of the printing process. This feature ensures that you can manage your printing tasks from wherever you are, whenever you want.

Rich Material Library

Matrix One comes with a vast material library that is constantly updated via OTA upgrades, providing you with the latest material and process packages. With this feature, you can be assured of the latest and most innovative materials to use in your projects.

Step-1, Connect to Your Printer

Under the same LAN, enter the printer device IP to connect to your printer.

Step-2, Set Printing Parameters

Before printing, set the parameters of the device, such as the material and the layer thickness.

Step-3: Import A Print File

Support for both 3D standard format (STL) and 2D standard format (CLI, SLC) inputs.

Step-4, Pre-process

Built-in professional pre-processing software provides the features for viewing, editing, repairing, and analyzing the model.

Step-5, Start to Print

Click Start Print to begin your creation.