Reproduces Details up to 0.15 mm

Martrix190 Industrial-quality mSLA 3D Printers

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Martrix190 Industrial-quality mSLA 3D Printer

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0.03-0.15 mm

Layer Thickness

50 mm/h

Max Printing Speed

Meet the Martrix190

Open Materials System

Our system is compatible with a wide range of resins, including BASF's resin, offering you the freedom to choose materials that best suit your needs. It is well-suited for various applications, including prototyping, fixtures, industrial components, end-use parts, consumer electronics, jewelry, etc.

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Wash & Cure Machine

If you want to make 3D printing with resin as easy and clean as it can be, looking no further than two-in-one washing and curing stations.

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Ultimate LCD 3d printer for geeks, professional studios, and research institutions.

Ultra-High Precision Professional desktop 3D Printer | Martrix190

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Martrix Wash & Cure Machine | Martrix 3D Printing

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Martrix ONE

Martrix ONE is a free-download, one-click tool for the users of Martrix,
which simplifies the printing process, making it easier to use your 3D printers.

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