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A specialized casting model material designed for LCD devices, capable of accurately reproducing the printed dimensions. It possesses characteristics such as easy combustion, low ash residue, and minimal thermal expansion. It is suitable for direct investment casting of dental crowns, bridges, frameworks, veneers, inlays, as well as jewelry and other models.


  • Easy to burn with minimal ash residue.
  • Low thermal expansion, facilitating precise casting.
  • High precision, suitable for fine molding.
  • Suitable for printing and casting models such as jewelry, dental crowns, bridges, and frameworks.
  • Appearance: Green transparent liquid
  • Viscosity: 113cp at 30°C

Material Description

Cast resin is ideal for Rapid Prototyping, Jewelry casting, Decorative items creation, for 3D Printing enthusiasts, and in the Education sector.


Material Name:Cast

Energy Density:3.6 mw/cm2


Layer Thickness:0.05 mm

Support Curing Time:8 seconds


Single Layer:15.32/layer

Model Curing Time:4 seconds


50mm Part Printing Efficiency: 4hrs 15mins 23secs

Post-processing: Alcohol (95%) + Ultrasonic Cleaning for 4 minutes

Mechanical Properties

We utilized the Martrix190 3D printer for the printing process, employing Cast resin as the material. A total of 18 samples were printed, and the mechanical properties reported herein represent the average values across the sample set.


Tensile Strength: 28.6 MPa

Impact Strength: 15.1 J/m


Tensile Modulus: 875 MPa

Shore Hardness: 78 D


Elongation at Break: 8%

Heat Deflection Temperature at 0.455 MPa: 42.0 °C


Bending Strength: 29.5 MPa

Heat Deflection Temperature at 1.82 MPa: 40.0 °C

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