Martrix is showcase the lastet generation of mSLA 3D printers at Modern Concept World Expo 2024

Martrix is showcase the lastet generation of mSLA 3D printers at Modern Concept World Expo 2024

From March 21 to 22, 2024, Martrix made a grand appearance at the Modern Concept World Expo 2024 held at the Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing, showcasing their latest digital solutions in 3D printing. Pioneering aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, Martrix redefined beauty through professional equipment, presenting a new feast of aesthetics. The latest Martrix 3D printer, with its user-friendly new design, revolutionizes the professional-grade mSLA 3D printer from a user-centric perspective.

Modern Concept World Expo 2024

Founded in 2018, the Modern Concept World Expo is held biannually in Shanghai and Guangzhou. As a trailblazer in China’s aesthetic industry exhibitions, it offers an extensive range of services. To date, it has successfully completed eight editions, with a high business transaction conversion rate of 3-5%, accumulating over 400,000 visitors, thereby providing exhibitors with a premium one-stop service platform for business resources.

The New Generation of Martrix

The Martrix300, as a professional-grade LCD device newly launched under the Martrix series by Liantai Technology, features a 10-inch 12K screen with a substantial build volume of 217 x 122 x 300 mm. Unlike the common square resolution, Martrix300 innovates with a rectangular resolution that accommodates more pixels, achieving a high detail precision of 19×24 μm. Additionally, unlike the matrix light source of its counterparts Martrix190 and Martrix520, Martrix300 is equipped with a COB light source, which offers grid-free single-lamp illumination. This results in more than 90% uniformity in printing and a stronger light intensity compared to the matrix light source.

Martrix 300, The New Generation of mSLA 3D Printers

Pre-processing with Martrix ONE

The path to successful 3D printing also hinges on the crucial pre-processing step. Pre-processing lays the foundation for a flawless print. Martrix ONE, the proprietary pre-processing software of the Martrix ecosystem, excels in real-time printing status monitoring, offering multi-device, multi-task management capabilities that significantly boost operational efficiency.

Although the Modern Concept World Expo has concluded, Martrix's commitment to innovation continues. We strive to provide professional users with high-precision, high-quality surface, streamlined workflow mSLA 3D printers with excellent material compatibility. Martrix, with its strong software and hardware capabilities, continuously brings new experiences to users.

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