What Makes Martrix a Professional 3D Printer Brand?

What Makes Martrix a Professional 3D Printer Brand?

Unlike consumer-level printers that prioritize affordability, professional 3D printers focus more on printing precision, print quality, control, and the ability for batch production. With the continuous growth of the market's demand for high customization, professional 3D printers have seen significant development in fields such as aerospace, automotive, architecture, healthcare, and creative industries. Compared to consumer-grade printers, professional 3D printers deliver higher-quality outputs with more intricate models, fewer layer artifacts, increased production volume, and broader material compatibility.

Samples Printed by Professional 3D Printers

So, what sets Martrix series apart from other professional 3D printers?

Firstly, the Martrix series offers a comprehensive solution, including the printer, independently developed resins, supporting post-processing equipment, and the control software Martrix ONE. It allows for a streamlined workflow, encompassing slicing, printing, and post-processing. Whether for design firms or small research teams, Martrix serves as an essential partner, enabling concept evaluations and providing validation models for product development – a feature not commonly found in many professional printer brands.

Martrix Solution


On the hardware front, Martrix series' professional 3D printers integrate the latest manufacturing technologies and algorithms to ensure outstanding precision and speed. With a high-precision optical system achieving micrometer-level resolution, designs are impeccably rendered, and the industrial-grade Z-axis module maintains quality and stability. 

In the core technology domain, Martrix incorporates the distinctive Adjustable High Energy Control (AHEC) technology, setting it apart from other professional-grade 3D printers. This technology enhances energy density concentration, significantly expediting the printing process and ensuring a more efficient and convenient 3D printing experience.

Furthermore, the extensive material adaptability is a key factor that makes Martrix a standout professional 3D printer. In addition to its own range of resins—Basic-10, Solvent-Free, Tough, Clear, Cast, and Rubber—Martrix is also compatible with the majority of 405nm wavelength resins. This remarkable versatility is a significant advantage for Martrix in the competitive field of professional 3D printing.

Professional 3D Printer Martrix 190

Undoubtedly, there are numerous professional-grade printers in the market, but Martrix continues to pioneer the market in the professional 3D printer arena with ongoing upgrades at both the hardware and software levels, coupled with robust material compatibility.

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