Martrix at Rosmould 2023 & 3D Tech with Latest 3D Printing Technology

Martrix at Rosmould 2023 & 3D Tech with Latest 3D Printing Technology

UnionTech, a leading provider of industrial 3D printing solutions, participated in the Rosmould 2023 exhibition held in Moscow from June 6th to 9th. Rosmould 2023 is renowned for its ability to gather cutting-edge technologies in the areas of mold-making, prototyping, and 3D printing. As an eagerly awaited event, UnionTech took advantage of this opportunity to present their latest advancements in the field of 3D printing.

mSLA 3D Printer – Martrix Series

One of the standout products showcased by UnionTech at Rosmould 2023 is the Martrix series, which comprises two models. One is the Martrix190, featuring a build volume of 192x120x280mm. The Other is the Martrix520, offering a larger build volume of 298x165x320mm. Martrix series make use of AHEC surface exposure technology developed by UnionTech. 

The Martrix series offers low-peel-off-force release film as well as cutting-edge optical technologies. This film's improved design enhances its lifespan by 30%, contributing to cost-effectiveness for users. With these advancements, the Martrix series achieves impressive print speeds of up to 50 mm/h, enabling efficient and rapid production.

To support the Martrix series, UnionTech has developed its own industrial pre-processing software, which streamlines the workflow and optimizes the printing process. Moreover, the Martrix series is equipped with the new platform control software called Martrix ONE, enhancing user convenience and control over the printing operations. These software solutions further enhance the overall performance and functionality of the Martrix series, making it a versatile and powerful 3D printing solution for various industries.

Multi-scanner System for Large-format SLA Printer

UnionTech has also developed a multi-scanner system for large-format SLA 3D printers that simplifies optical system design and saves costs with its multi-laser approach. However, synchronous laser operation is a current challenge. UnionTech's R&D team has developed algorithms and system upgrades for synchronized laser control, which doubles printing speed and efficiency. While the scanner causes significant shape distortion, UnionTech's innovative automatic calibration technology for multi-scanner uses precise positioning to achieve 0.06-0.1mm accuracy with 1798 calibration points, ensuring stability and accuracy of printed parts. UnionTech's 3D printers with multi-scanner technology are RSPro1400, RSPro1800, and RSPro2100, each with its own features to meet different needs.

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