UnionTech Latest 3D Printers Showcase with Martrix Series at at Rapid+TCT 2023

UnionTech Latest 3D Printers Showcase with Martrix Series at at Rapid+TCT 2023


UnionTech, the well-known leading provider of cutting-edge 3D printing solutions, showcased its highly anticipated Martrix Series printers at the Rapid + TCT, North America's largest additive manufacturing event from May 2-4.

Quasi-industrial Printer – Martrix Series

Martrix series use advanced AHEC surface exposure technology. With advanced optical systems and a low peel-off force release film that extends the film's lifespan by 30%, the Martrix series offers print speeds of up to 50 mm/h. UnionTech offers specialized algorithms for various industries, such as automatic sole functions for footwear, lower surface recognition functions for dolls. The Martrix series is supported by self-developed industrial pre-processing software and the new platform control software Martrix ONE.

Alongside the Martrix Series, UnionTech also showcased two additional groundbreaking technologies at the exhibition:

Top-Down Projection Printer - Cute380

Among the highlights of UnionTech's offerings is the Cute 380 3D printer, which uses top-down projection DLP technology and boasts a large build volume of 384 × 216 × 300 mm. The industrial-grade 4K DLP optical engine provides fast production and high surface quality, making it an ideal choice for office and studio settings. With features like light intensity uniformity correction and fully automatic algorithm correction, the Cute 380 can improve light intensity uniformity by up to 95%. It creates highly detailed industrial parts with excellent aging resistance and physical properties when used with Fant-RY70 resin, making it perfect for small-batch production of parts.

Multi-scanner System for Large-format SLA Printer
UnionTech has also developed a multi-scanner system for large-format SLA 3D printers that simplifies optical system design and saves costs with its multi-laser approach. However, synchronous laser operation is a current challenge. UnionTech's R&D team has developed algorithms and system upgrades for synchronized laser control, which doubles printing speed and efficiency. While the scanner causes significant shape distortion, UnionTech's innovative automatic calibration technology for multi-scanner uses precise positioning to achieve 0.06-0.1mm accuracy with 1798 calibration points, ensuring stability and accuracy of printed parts. UnionTech's 3D printers with multi-scanner technology are RSPro1400, RSPro1800, and RSPro2100, each with its own features to meet different needs.


UnionTech's showcase of the Martrix Series printers and advanced technologies at the Rapid + TCT 2023 exhibition highlights the company's commitment to pushing the boundaries of 3D printing. With the Martrix Series' AHEC technology, industry-tailored algorithms, and comprehensive software support, UnionTech continues to drive innovation and provide users with powerful solutions to meet their evolving additive manufacturing needs.

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