UnionTech Integrates Martrix and New 3D Printers into Formnext 2022

UnionTech Integrates Martrix and New 3D Printers into Formnext 2022


UnionTech, a leading manufacturer of 3D printers, is unveiling its latest advancements in additive manufacturing technology at Formnext 2022. With a focus on industrial 3D printing, UnionTech is showcasing a range of new printers, materials, and software upgrades, solidifying its position as a global benchmark in the field.
UnionTech has made significant investments in research and development, enabling it to excel in various areas of additive manufacturing. The company's expertise extends to industrial metal 3D printing, industrial FDM 3D printing, and professional LCD technologies. By continuously innovating and improving 3D printing systems and materials, UnionTech is driving the industry forward.
Known for its integrated 3D printing solutions, UnionTech offers a comprehensive range of products tailored to industrial needs. From industrial 3D printers to advanced materials and software, the company has established itself as a trusted provider in the professional market.
At the Formnext 2022 trade show, UnionTech is highlighting its latest offerings at booth 121-B02. Among the showcased products are four new 3D printers, along with new materials and applications, demonstrating UnionTech's commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions.

UnionTech Comes to Formnext 2022 with Martrix and More New 3D Printers

Desktop-grade 3D Printer - Martrix Series

UnionTech Martrix stands out as a highly flexible and versatile resin 3D printer. Designed for office settings, it boasts open material access, industrial-grade performance, and exceptional stability. Equipped with a superior optical system and integrated lens technology, Martrix delivers professional quality and performance.
The Martrix series utilizes AHEC surface exposure technology, setting it apart from the competition. With advanced optical systems and a low peel-off force release film, the Martrix series extends the lifespan of the film by 30%. Achieving impressive print speeds of up to 50 mm/h, Martrix offers superior efficiency and accuracy.
UnionTech's Martrix series is accompanied by self-developed industrial pre-processing software and the new platform control software Martrix ONE. These software solutions optimize the printing workflow, ensuring seamless integration and exceptional print quality.


UnionTech's presence at Formnext 2022 reaffirms its commitment to pushing the boundaries of additive manufacturing. With a diverse range of products and innovative technologies, UnionTech continues to empower industries with transformative solutions.
As UnionTech unveils its latest industrial 3D printers and innovations at Formnext 2022, the company solidifies its position as a global leader in additive manufacturing. With a focus on delivering comprehensive solutions and driving innovation, UnionTech is revolutionizing the way industries approach 3D printing.


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